Saturday, August 21, 2010



Edward and me .
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Is Sat , August 21 , 2010
banyak hot!
mum say wanna go zoo taiping .
so sat we go there and enjoy wif animals .
reach there almost 1hour . and no people inside this busuk zoo .
after went in . a group of seafood + human animal came in. and shout
"wa wa wa .we we we . this and tat" macam sakai .
almost 3something , we went back ipoh .BIG RAIN! .damn sienz la .alwiz rain
my 傻狗 hide under de car because very cold . kelian herT.T
and at night i hv my small birthday party at GOOD Times , Ipoh . for steamboat .
this more a bit less. oni 11 people come for my party. but nvm . it's happy for me .
and de Lanci service leader ask how many people will come .
I told her is 10 people but later gt 1 will come . she lanci say now i count here hv how many people . and after went we finish eat . i straight pay 10 people money .
and den she say we gt 11 people . i say my fren din eat and blah blah blah
tipu jor Rm23.8 .!
Kawan SMI left this!
My Ugly emotion after i get my 1st presentXD
This is what she make for me . can see cannot eat .happy
that i gt my 1st buffday cake .
model bear bear
Me and bear bear!
BOBO , Billy , soda ,and me
Universal studio . Sentosa
Many people watch DOLPHIN
Orchard road
How was my new editing?

MY 20th birthday .
is going to singapore celebrate .
hahahahaa .
less present but very happy .
1st day . Sunday . 15th August 2010
9am bus and i still blur when morning because i think is 9.30am
so i slow slow pack up my things. lucky din late . The bus arrive until Gua Tempurung Highway .
and i thinking tat time i din help my fren take passport to him .he damn angry .
after tat i realize my passport din bring ! i straight wake up and say OMG . my fren ask me what happen ,
i say i din bring my passport . and den i call my mum . she said call my brother and take for me .
my bro straight out and use high speed to chase de bus .because this stupid driver say can't stop and just drive slow . until BIDOR perhentian there he stop his bus for waiting my bro .he said my bro drive 110km come == . he talking rubbish there. after 5min my bro reach .and i thank god .heheheee!
reach singapore almost 5pm . and den we go BIlly(fren tat follow i go singapore) aunty house . we stay at her house . after bath and eat we go Chua Chu kang and meet up BOBO . almost 7something we reach and we need take MRT to find SODA at his working place ( suntec city) , is so far . we need take bout 1hour train oni reach there .because there r 19platform !
we reach there and wait him finish work . after his work , we go outside eat. need take MRT again . damn boring . after tat we go Geylang see chick .because we never went there before . we reach there and see gt licience chick . damn scary there place . i dislike!!!!
and go disco pub for a drink .
many uncle and many oldfox
and came kacau me . i din care her .my fren smile at her .and tat time trouble come .
de oldwoman come and hug him!
almost 3something
we back home with MERDZ.
the next day wake up at 10something for a breakfast and go out meet billy aunty and soda them
we had our breakfast together and after tat we go VIVO CITY AND SENTOSA .
SENTOSA is quite nice place . but need paid for it .
after vivo city we went back Suntec city and hv our dinner.
is my 1st time eat steak at singapore . i'm not a rich people . so cannot afford to eat T.T
at last my fren treat us eat
about 32$ . after eat we go another place . i forget adi the place is what name :P
the last day in singapore .
almost 2pm something oni wake up . and den go meet soda at his work there.
because he bring us go BUGIS and den go bus station .
buy 2 shirt and 2 pants
so lessT.T
i damn miss there . Feel dun wanna back ipoh. because the things they selling is super CHEAP!
behtahan .IPAD!!
hahaha .

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